Services at Edenbridge Thursday Market

Stallholder image for Andy Hiccup - Children's Entertainer

  Andy Hiccup - Children's Entertainer - Hi! I'm Andy Hiccup, children's entertainer and magician. I'm fun, friendly, full of smiles and boundless energy and I will bring excitement and joy to your event in bucketloads. I'd love to come and entertain for you whatever the occasion.

Stallholder image for Bridges Charity

  Bridges Charity - Bridges Community Café is a café that operates in a former chapel in the High Street and is part of the Bridges Centre, a community centre that offers various activities and events for the local people. The café serves locally sourced products, homemade cakes, and refreshments, and provides a friendly and accessible place to meet or relax.

Stallholder image for Chris's Haberdashery

  Chris's Haberdashery - From buttons to threads, zips and more - Chris has it all when it comes to your haberdashery needs!

Stallholder image for Dave's Planters

  Dave's Planters - Dave's Planters - Planters and garden troughs, all handmade made locally in Kent.

Stallholder image for Eden Valley Museum Trust

  Eden Valley Museum Trust - The Eden Valley Museum brings the history of the Eden Valley in Kent to life through the stories of its people, buildings and environment.

Stallholder image for Face Painting

  Face Painting - Following on with our efforts to promote the Market during the holiday season, we have complimentary face painting this week - 11:00 - 13:00

Stallholder image for John's watch bits

  John's watch bits - Here every week with all your watch-related needs. From batteries to straps, and other useful bits!

Stallholder image for Kent Police

  Kent Police - Kent Police, working with the community in the local market

Stallholder image for Knife Ninjas

  Knife Ninjas - A professional sharpening service dedicated to bringing new life to your equipment such as gardening shears and scissors

Stallholder image for Lloyds Bank

  Lloyds Bank - Attending every two weeks, Lloyds Bank provides the only in-person banking service in Edenbridge

Stallholder image for Neal's Yard Remedies

  Neal's Yard Remedies - At Neal’s Yard Remedies we use natural and organic ingredients, which are free from harmful chemicals to produce all the natural and organic health and beauty products you need to help find your rhythm.

Stallholder image for PicknMix Cocktails

  PicknMix Cocktails - Most of us love going out for a cocktail or two, whether it is a traditional one or something a bit different. We offer a wide range of tailor made cocktails and packages to benefit each customers needs, single bottles, a box of cocktails delivered to your door, or weddings, birthday parties or cocktail classes. Working alongside local distilleries, we believe this allows us to supply our consumers high end branded cocktails. We source the best ingredients to help us to create the perfect concoctions.

Stallholder image for Sevenoaks Clothes House

  Sevenoaks Clothes House - A selection of ladies clothing and Spanish cleaning products.

Stallholder image for Silvia's Kitchen

  Silvia's Kitchen - Silvia's Kitchen will be here to promote the Thermomix all-in-one kitchen appliance.

Stallholder image for Spanish Aromas

  Spanish Aromas - Spanish Aromas supplies many different products including floor cleaner, multi surface prays, disinfectant sprays, air fresheners, washing detergent/softeners and many more.

Stallholder image for Steve Everest Watercolours

  Steve Everest Watercolours - Steve has been producing watercolours of his favourite subjects, such as, architectural detail, reflections in water and the images collected from travels in France, Italy and Egypt, for about seven years. He is based in Tonbridge and produces prints of most of his work. He exhibits work regularly, often working under the watchful eyes of the general public on his latest project.

Stallholder image for Sukh Phones

  Sukh Phones - Sukh Phones is a local vendor selling a wide selection of mobile phone and related audio and car accessories, plus other music and karaoke bits. Charging cables, chargers, for home and car, phone cases etc.....