Fresh Food at Edenbridge Thursday Market

Stallholder image for Butternut Box Dog Food

  Butternut Box Dog Food - A fresh take on dog food. Fresh meals. Personalised plans. Delivered to your door

Stallholder image for Cheese Passion

  Cheese Passion - Cheese Passion is an artisan cheese company based in London, specialising in British local dairy and vegetarian cheese.

Stallholder image for Ffrench's Fish

  Ffrench's Fish - Freshly landed fish from our shores in the Channel and beyond

Fosters Farm Awaiting image for Fosters Farm [40]

  Fosters Farm - I'm Lauren (I’ve lived on a farm my whole life), and husband Jack - and a wedding present of two dairy goats, Sparky and Daisy and a unexpected honeymoon to Devon, we hatched a plan to create a sustainable life, and wanted to share it. Foster’s Farm was created, and this is where our story of farming begins - we aim to provide a variety of animals and free-range products, from eggs and jams to soaps and scarfs, so come and see our new products.

Stallholder image for Frankies Bees

  Frankies Bees - Frankie's Bees makes and sells honey and associated products sourced from hives located in Westerham

Stallholder image for Heritage Cheese

  Heritage Cheese - Based in London's Borough Market, Heritage Cheese sell the very finest cheeses from across the British Isles and beyond

Stallholder image for JB Fruits

  JB Fruits - Trading at Edenbridge for the last 20 years, a family-run fruit and veg business selling the finest produce from Kent, Europe and beyond

Stallholder image for K Treatz

  K Treatz - K Treatz is owned and run by Katie, a local chocolatier, who specialises in producing innovative and delicious chocolate creations and cakes, brownies etc.

Stallholder image for K&N Sweets

  K&N Sweets - Your favourite sweets all in one place. Popular with grown-ups as well as kids!

Stallholder image for Lewis' Fish

  Lewis' Fish - Presenting a wide selection of fish from the seven seas. From family favourites to the exotic

Stallholder image for Meat Feast

  Meat Feast - A selection of South African cured meats and other products.

Stallholder image for Mercanti di Calabria

  Mercanti di Calabria - Mercanti di Calabria is a leading importer of traditional food from Calabria, the south western region of Italy.

Stallholder image for Olives - Kefayat Rahman

  Olives - Kefayat Rahman - Supplies Greek speciality olives, all in his own marinades plus sweet baklava and Turkish delight.

Stallholder image for Ray's Jams

  Ray's Jams - Ray's Jams is a small family business. We make homemade jams and chutneys in small batches. Our products are gluten free and vegan. Give us a tinkle!

Stallholder image for Rica Homestyle

  Rica Homestyle - Homemade, Caribbean inspired vegan friendly marinades, made with natural ingredients for all meats, fish, vegetables,

Stallholder image for Ross The Bee Man

  Ross The Bee Man - Ross The Bee Man - has bee hives situated on farms and woods at ~nine locations all within five miles around Edenbridge. A 100% pure and natural product with no additives or chemicals

Stallholder image for The Baker - Tonbridge

  The Baker - Tonbridge - The Baker is a local artisan baker, based in Tonbridge, offering a wide selection of freshly made bread, pastries and pizza, and home-made ice-creams!

Stallholder image for The Tipsy Bakery

  The Tipsy Bakery - Your favourite cocktails and tipples are the inspiration for our famous alcohol-infused cupcakes. A sweet and boozy adult treat; our bakes are perfect for birthdays, weddings, gifts, events or just a little self-indulgence.